All photography provided by David Zhou

"Results by Design, Not by Coincidence."

My Philosophy:

When a client chooses me as their coach, my sole focus is to give them the knowledge that I have learned through years of trial and error, simplify it for them, and help them achieve their personal goals. I pride myself upon bringing the best coaching experience I can to each individual. In the process of coaching, I love getting to know each person that I work with because after hearing your background on training and dieting, it will better help me understand what is the best direction that we can move in to get the results you want, together.

Training & Dieting Details


I ensure your 100% satisfaction. I’ll guide you every step of the way through weeks of one-on-one coaching from me. I will provide a personalized training program, helpful tips, suggestions, and I guarantee responses to all questions within 12 hours, if not faster. 


Food is an essential part of your transformation. I will be offering diet/nutrition advice along with customized macros to best serve your specific goals, whether that be dieting down or gaining muscle, as well as a variety of recommended foods.


Your effort in the kitchen will support your hard work in the gym. Through my years of research and experience, I’ll give you tips to optimize your workouts and assign your splits according to your current physique and goals. (muscle gain vs. fat loss)



Every effort needs to be evaluated at some point. Together, we’ll balance your expectations with your achievements with weekly check-ins and 24/7 support via email or iMessage communication.