Do you also take female clients?



What does each coaching plan include?

YES! I love working with both male and female clients because each is a different challenge to me. I have coached both males and females, and every person saw great results in the time that we worked together. Just like a male client, females can expect a training program and nutritional guiding that is pointed towards their goal body!


All of my Coaching Plans include the following:

  1. Customized IIFYM Meal Plan        4. Macro Adjustments

  2. Customized Training Program          5. 24/7 Communication

  3. Weekly Check-ins                               6. Supplement Guidance

Do i need a food scale for counting macros each day?


What app do you recommend to track my Macros with?

YES! The only way that we both can be as accurate as possible, yours with making sure you hit your protein, fat and carbohydrate amount, and mine with making sure I can accurately make adjustments over time, is if you have a working food scale to weigh out most of your food throughout the day.


I 100% recommend MyFitnessPal to help you stay on track and to count macros. It keeps a recent food log so that way if you eat the same foods more than once you don't have to rescan in the barcodes making it a breeze. If you have any trouble or need help setting up the app, please let me know and I will be happy to help!

what will my training program entail?


Do i need to have a gym membership for coaching/training programs? 

Your training program will entail of a 3-6 day workout split that hits each muscle group at least twice per week. Each program I write is specific to that individual to bring up their weak points, are sure their strong points stay that way, and so they can have fun working out and still be able to progress in the gym through various methods.


The answer to the question is both a NO, and a YES. Here's why; a gym membership will allow you to maximize your results using more variety of machines & exercises to reach your goal physique and get stronger over time. If a gym membership is a big issue, we can definitely still figure out a way to get you started with a great home workout until you have access to a full gym.

For any other questions or concerns, email me below!

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